iConverter chassis and gigabit media converters are certified Solaris Ready, and provide an ideal solution for gigabit fibre connectivity to Solaris servers with copper-to-fibre or single-mode to multimode fibre conversion.

iConverter media converters can be used in managed or unmanaged networks. SNMP management with remote configuration and fault detection can be accessed via Omnitron’s NetOutlook network management software, third-party SNMP software, or Telnet. The iConverter portfolio consists of modular media converters and chassis that provide a variety of configurations for high-density and compact, stand-alone applications.

Solaris Gigabit Fibre Application

In this application example, a SUN X2100 Server is connected to another X2100 and three SPARC Workstations.


A 1U high iConverter 5-Module chassis is co-located in the rack with the X2100 on the left side of the illustration. Four iConverter GX/TM2 plug-in media converter modules are installed in the chassis, converting the copper cabling from the X2100 10/100/1000 UTP ports to fiber.


The two servers are connected via dual fibre over a distance of 80 kilometers, and a standalone GX/TM2 converts the fiber back to copper at the remote location.

The three workstations are also connected to the server via dual fibre at a distance of 550 meters, enabling Gigabit fibre to the desktop, and extending the workstation environment past the 100 metre limit of copper cabling.