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    10TB Rugged Removable Drives From Olixir

    The RHD is a revolutionary new semi-rugged removable disk cartridge that features the highest cartridge capacity in the industry, patented shock protection, and fast data transfer performance.

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      LGX Optical Multiplexers Now at ProTel!

      Omnitron CWDM and DWDM passive optics are now available in LGX format. This is a massive advantage when it comes to upgrading existing equipment.

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        4 Port PoE Media Converters At ProTel

        The OmniConverter GPoE+/SX is a multi-port media converter that converts 10/100/1000BASE-T copper to 1000BASE-X or 100BASE-X fibre, and support Power-over-Ethernet (PoE and PoE+).

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          New Cost Effective Network Interface Devices At ProTel

          We are pleased to announce the latest in cost effective Network Interface Devices from Omniton Systems, the iConverter microNID!

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            Expanding Multimode networks with CWDM

            Another new release from Omnitron Systems with the arrival of the new CWDM/X multimode multiplexer. With many businesses the majority of legacy fibre infrastructure is multimode.

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