BODi rS – BD007 Bandwidth-on-Demand Bounding Router

BODi rS BD007The BODi rS mobile VPN bonding router automatically shares Internet traffic across wired, wireless & satellite links. This increases connection stability, reliability and makes maximum use of all available bandwidth. Users also have the ability to scale bandwidth on-the-go, adding or removing connections, giving priority to lower cost links when demand allows, thus minimizing costs while still providing excellent reliability that scales as needed. BODi rS also guarantees uptime making it the ideal solution for mobile connectivity with network failover and bandwidth robustness.

BODi rS combines up to seven 3G/4G, WiMAX, LTE, VSAT, Wi-Fi, and other mobile connections to deliver consistently high speeds and five nines availability. Combine up to four USB modems, three Ethernet modems and add broadband landline connections for blazing fast Internet connectivity and data transfer anywhere, anytime.

BODi rS is the perfect solution for high availability connectivity and internet failover. This is especially important for applications in e-Healthcare, security alarm companies and critical infrastructure where loss of connectivity can be catastrophic, resulting in huge revenue losses and potential risk to human life.

A highly durable, rugged enclosure, and multiple bonded connections make BODi rS the ultimate mobile bandwidth-on-demand solution. By using BGAN & VSAT networks, remote and marine applications can avail of high speed & reliable connectivity while on the go. By aggregating multiple wireless links, BODi rS offers users broadband-like Internet speeds for high quality reliable communications.

Benefits Include

  •    Internal universal power supply
  •    Load balancing & intelligent failover
  •    Bandwidth allowance control
  •    VPN 256-bit AES encryption for highly secure communications
  •    Built in dual Wi-Fi delivering Wi-Fi Mesh capabilities
  •    Capability to prioritize links—reducing costs
  •    Automatically switch to best available link

Application Examples

Bandwidth-on-Demand Bonding: Bond multiple mobile Internet connections for broadband-like speeds while on-the-go.

BODi rS BD007 Application Example 1

Bond up to 7 low cost Internet connections and save costs on expensive leased-line Internet connections

BODi rS BD007 Application Example 2

Mobile: Broadband-like speeds while on the move

BODi rS BD007 Application Example 3

Bandwidth-on-Demand Load Balancing—Choose between 7 load balancing profiles for the optimum performance to fit your needs

BODi rS BD007 Application Example 4

Patton’s BODi rS ensures survivability and reliability of data connections. Guaranteeing uptime for managing and monitoring critical machinery and equipment.

BODi rS BD007 Application Example 5

Patton’s BODi rS ensures survivability and reliability of data connections. Guaranteeing uptime for managing and monitoring business-critical network infrastructure, such as banks.

BODi rS BD007 Application Example 6 - Download the datasheet





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