IP Technology labs has been leading the way in terms of cost effective, secure office connections. The IPTL FastLane series allows for secure VPN connections to be made connecting offices, devices and remote user’s instantly.

Using AES 256 encryption standards, IPTL equipment ensures the highest levels of security for the safe passage of sensitive information between locations.

With the remote 71LW-04 4G Secure Cellular Gateway users can Access Company serves using the built in 4G router as well as wired connectivity for use in hotels and cafes (WiFi options are also available). Desk phones can be connected without the need for separate provisioning ideal for home and other off site office applications.

Below, two IPTL 71LW devices are connected to routers at two separate locations. The VPN established between the two means provides a secure line of communications saving time and reducing call costs between locations.


FastLane 71 Application Example


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