Introducing the latest tool for service providers. The Omnitron SFP Network Interface Device (NID) provides low latency SLA guaranteed 4G/LTE Macro and Metro Cell backhaul.

The SFP NID Features real time OAM Performance Monitoring and Fault Management functionality. It supports ITU-T Y.1731 Performance Monitoring and IEEE 802.1ag Connectivity Fault Management. When the SFP NID is plugged into existing network equipment, these features enable low-cost monitoring of Carrier Ethernet functionality, operation and performance.

Application Example

An iConverter XM5 Aggregation and Demarcation Device is deployed on a 10G Metro Ethernet fiber ring, providing aggregation to multiple Gigabit Ethernet fiber access links to various locations.

Installation of SFP NIDs instead of standard optical SFPs into the small cell and into the router at the macro cell tower immediately adds performance monitoring and fault management functionality to the backhaul services.

Installation of an SFP NID into a CPE switch at the customer’s location easily adds SLA monitoring capability for the Service Provider and the Subscriber.

By simply plugging the SFP NID into existing network equipment, a Service Provider can add SLA monitoring capabilities to its services, increase the value of the service, and enhance the customer experience.

Omnitron SFP NID Application Example

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