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At ProTel Solutions we stock Olixir Technologies rugged hard drives. Olixir Technologies was founded in 2001. Since then have been on the cutting edge in hard drive shock protection technology with one of its products meeting the highly challenging military standard MIL-STD-810F transit drop tests. Olixir hard drives are suited a wide range of users with some applications including:

  • Small- and medium-sized enterprise backup and disaster recovery to 100 percent hard disk (for business continuity)
  • Mobile digital video surveillance
  • Transporting data
  • Media consolidation
  • Video editing
  • Storage of digital content, including photos and videos
  • Medical data storage
  • Digital content creation
  • Military/intelligence safeguarding in a vault

In addition to stand alone hard drives, Olixir offer a range of tower and rackmount solutions to allow for integration to existing infrastructure.

Full Olixir Technologies Product Pages

Mobile DataVault F31

Olixir F31,F32,F33/F43 Rugged HarddriveOlixir’s most rugged, lightweight and fastest external drive protects your data from drops and operational vibration with patented technology. Bus-Powered USB 3.0 or eSATA capability Solid State Drive (SSD).



Mobile DataVault F32

Olixir F31,F32,F33/F43 Rugged HarddriveThis lightweight & rugged removable/external hard drive, with over 10000 G (0.3ms) Shock Protection, protects your data from drops and operational vibration using patented technology.



Mobile DataVault F33/F43

Olixir F31,F32,F33/F43 Rugged HarddriveOlixir’s new ultra-fast, highest capacity semi-rugged external hard drive protects your data from knocks, jars, and drops using patented shock protection technology. USB 3.0/eSATA performance.




The RHD is a revolutionary new semi-rugged removable disk cartridge that features the highest cartridge capacity in the industry, patented shock protection, and fast data transfer performance. Store up to 4TB, 6TB, 8TB or a whopping 10TB of data on a single RHD-3 removable disk cartridge, compared to just 3 TB max with the RDX and other removable cartridges!



Docking Bay

Olixir Docking BayCan be used with Olixir’s family of removable drives, which offer up to 8 TB in capacity! The docking bay installs into a standard 5.25” slot and has convenient SATA connectivity – allowing the bay to integrate into a wide range of workstation/servers, 19” Racks, and other towers. Removable drives can be hot-swapped from the docking bay. This docking bay was designed for use in both stationary and vehicle/air applications.



19” Racks and Towers

Olixir Docking Bay on Tower and RackCustomizable 19” Rack and Tower solutions are used worldwide for government and business backup applications. 19” racks and towers work with Olixir ruggedized hard drives and are available with USB 2.0, USB3.0, Firewire, eSATA, eSAS, NAS (Gigabit Ethernet), or SAN (iSCSI) connectivity. Available in JBOD or RAID configurations.



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