TELEGRID is pleased to announce that it has signed a European distribution agreement with Professional Telecom Solutions to market and distribute WZRDnet low-power wireless ad-hoc mesh network products throughout Europe.

ProTel Solutions will be demonstrating the WZRDnet for the first time in Europe at the Counter Terror Expo on April 25-26 in London, UK.

WZRDnet Tactical Kit (WTK-350)

The WZRDnet low-power wireless ad-hoc mesh network provides voice/ data communications with limited or no infrastructure (i.e. no cell towers or satellites required).

In WZRDnet each mesh handset acts a router, relaying messages from originator to destination. WZRDnet’s low-power design provides 38 hours of battery life between charges.  WZRDnet is an ideal solution for rapid response and diaster recovery engagements.


TELEGRID’s WZRDnet products are not covered by ITAR and are exportable to most countries without a licence in accordance with US Department of Commerce ECCN 5A002. Please contact us for further information.