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At ProTel Solutions we supply the cutting edge in protected fibre systems. The Miniflex™ series of ruggedized cables allows for effective fibre in building deployments as well as FTTX and suspended cable applications.

m2fx is a pioneering fibre optic cable manufacturer and protected fibre solutions provider whose primary aim is to reduce the cost of fibre cable deployment across multiple markets, from automotive and aerospace to datacentres and telecoms.

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Miniflex™ Standard Cable

Miniflex Standard CableMiniflex™ Fibre Cable is ideal for last mile deployments in FTTx networks. It is the original and best pushable fibre optic cable on the market. Its market leading combination of toughness, flexibility and small, lightweight size makes it uniquely suited for many FTTx deployments. Miniflex™ standard cable is flexible, pushable fibre optic cable made from a crush resistant durable polymer. It had exceptionally low weight for the level of strength and protection it provides.


Miniflex™ Plenum Cable

Miniflex Plenum CableIndoor Plenum rated fibre cable available with 2-24 fibres. Industry standard 250 micron Singlemode and Multimode. Tough yet flexible Miniflex™ Plenum Cable can be easily routed in tight areas. The compact and light weight properties are suitable for routing in trays and racks, and the cable’s anti-kink properties make handling the optical fibre much safer. It also provides protection in areas where optical fibre is exposed to human contact; Miniflex™ picks up where your armoured cable ends and continues to provide end to end to end Optical Fibre Protection. Available terminated or unterminated.


Miniflex™ Pre-terminated Cable

Miniflex Pre-terminatedMiniflex™ Pre-terminated Fibre Cable, made using Miniflex Fibre Cable with your choice of industry standard connector. Miniflex™ Pre-terminated Fibre Cable has exceptionally low weight for the level of strength and protection it provides.



Miniflex™ Cable QuickPush

Miniflex Quickpush FibreMiniflex™ Fibre Cable – QuikPush allows pre-terminated cable to be routed in the field without the need for a splice. QuikPush connectors use a slim line, pushable pre-terminated ferrule with a self-assembly SC Connector. And, like all the Miniflex range, the QuikPush cable is made from crush resistant hard plastic.



Miniflex™ LSZH Cable

Miniflex Low Smoke Zero Halogen Miniflex™ Low Smoke Zero Halogen fibre cable is a flexible, pushable fibre optic cable, which is ideal for the last drop in an FTTx rollout.

It comprises one to 24 fibres in a protective sheath, which is made of lightweight, durable polymer and features patented groove technology that combines flexibility with strength. The cable is available in different types, including G.657A1 singlemode and G.651 OM3 multimode.





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