Omnitron Flexpoint Converter T1/E1

FlexPoint T1/E1The FlexPoint T1/E1 media converter provides standard T1 (1.544Mbps) or E1 (2.048Mbps) copper to fibre conversion and can be used to extend the demarcation point between service provider and networking equipment. T1/E1 media converters operate in pairs, providing distance extension over fibre.

Designed as a transparent repeater, the FlexPoint T1/E1 supports standard T1, E1 and Primary Rate Interface (PRI), voice or data. The converter also supports AMI, B8ZS and HDB3 line codes. DIP-switches provide easy configuration of T1/E1 line codes and line build-out.

A crossover switch makes it simple to connect the FlexPoint T1/E1 converter to PBXs or CSUs and eliminates the need for a crossover cable.

The fibre port operates at 1310nm and supports SC or ST connectors. Multimode fibre models support distances of up to 5km, and single-mode fibre models support distances of up to 60km.

Diagnostic features include local loopback, remote loopback and all 1’s insertion (AIS) modes for the copper or fibre segments. Local loopback validates connectivity to local T1/E1 lines, while remote loopback validates the entire fibre segment from one unit without having to make adjustments on both ends. Dry contact relay option allows a separate T1/E1 alarm circuit to be notified when a loss of power is detected.

The FlexPoint T1/E1 features descriptions of the LED indicators on the label for easy in-the-field configuration, installation and maintenance. The LEDs report the availability of power, connection status, diagnostic or loopback modes of operation and the detection of all 1’s by the fibre and UTP ports.

FlexPoint modules can be mounted utilizing optional wall-mounting hardware or with DIN-rail mounting brackets. They can also be rack-mounted in a 5-Module shelf or in a high-density 14-Module, power-redundant Powered Chassis.

FlexPoint modules installed in the 5-Module shelf or used as standalone devices can be powered by an external AC to DC power adapter, or through the 5VDC chassis connector. Standalone modules can also be powered by attaching an external DC power supply (18-60VDC). When used in the 14-Module power-redundant Powered Chassis with any combination of AC and DC power supplies, the installed modules are powered via the 5VDC chassis connector.

FlexPoint unmanaged media converters are easy to use and provide dependable fibre connectivity in Enterprise and Government networks around the world.

Benefits Include

  • The FlexPoint T1/E1 is a modular copper-to-fibre media converter that supports ANSI, AT&T, ITU and ETSI standards
  • Supports T1, E1 and Primary Rate Interface voice or data
  • Supports AMI, B8ZS and HDB3 line codes
  • Fibre port supports multimode or single-mode fibre SC or ST connectors, and distances up to 60km
  • Labelled status LEDs and switches for quick and easy installation
  • Features a crossover switch for easy connections to PBXs or CSUs
  • Local and remote fibre loopback switches with optional all 1’s insertion (AIS) to facilitate easy installation
  • Equipped with dry relay contacts for connection to alarm equipment
  • Wall-mount or rack-mount on a 5-Module shelf or in a 14-Module power-redundant FlexPoint Powered Chassis
  • Completely software independent with no installation of drivers required
  • Peace-of-mind reliability backed by a lifetime warranty and free 24/7 technical support

Application Example

FlexPoint T1/E1 provides a cost-effective solution for extending telecom demarcation points. A pair of FlexPoint T1/E1s are used to extend the demarcation between buildings via fibre. Multimode or single-mode fibre can be used, and fibre links can be extended up to 60km using single-mode fibre.

FlexPoint T1/E1 Application Example

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T1/E1 is also available in the iConverter managed media converter range. Click the link below for more information.

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