Omnitron miConverter 10/100 PoE/D

miConverter 10/100 PoE/DThe miniature miConverter™ 10/100 PoE/D is a rate-switching 10/100 RJ-45 copper to 100BASE-X fibre media converter that is powered with Power over Ethernet (PoE) when connected to PoE switches and midspans. It can also be powered with DC power or AC power with an external power adapter. The miConverter 10/100 PoE/D provides reliable and cost-effective fibre extension in a variety of FTTx applications, including fibre to the desktop and fibre to the premises.

The miConverter 10/100 PoE/D features fixed fibre connectors and Small Form Pluggable (SFP) transceivers. SC and ST fixed fibre connectors support multimode, single-mode, and single-mode single-fibre. 100BASE-X SFP transceivers enable adaptability to different fibre types and wavelengths, including Coarse Wave Division Multiplexing (CWDM) wavelengths to increase the bandwidth capacity of fibre infrastructure.

The RJ-45 port can auto-negotiate by detecting the speed and duplex-mode of the connected device. Upon connection to the UTP device, the RJ-45 port speed adjusts to either 10Mbps or 100Mbps, and the duplex-mode adjusts to either Full-Duplex or Half-Duplex. Auto-crossover enables the connection to workstations (MDI port) or hub/switches (MDI-X port) without requiring a crossover cable.

DIP-switches enable manual configuration of the RJ-45 port speed and duplex modes, and configuration of Link Modes (fault-detection capabilities) that assist in the identification and isolation of link failures. The available Link Modes are Link Segment and Link Propagate.

Diagnostic data is provided through front-panel LED indicators that assist in network installation and maintenance. The LEDs display the availability of power, port activity, link status, and the speed and duplex modes of the RJ-45 port.

The miConverter 10/100 PoE/D features power redundancy with AC or DC external power options. AC power adapter is available in US, Universal and Country/Region specific models. Country/Region specific models feature optional interchangeable connectors, allowing for compatibility with electrical outlet types found around the world. DC power up to 60VDC is available with a terminal connector option.

The miConverter 10/100 PoE/D is available as a table-top module or as a wall-mount module with integrated mounting brackets.

Benefits Include

  • Cost-effective, miniature 10/100BASE-TX to 100BASE-X Ethernet media converter powered by PoE
  • Supports 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 100BASE-X and IEEE 802.3 specifications
  • Standard 19” rack-mount dimensions allow space-saving and convenient installation
  • Fixed fibre port supports multimode and single-mode dual fibre with ST and SC connectors; and single-mode single-fibre with SC connectors
  • SFP transceivers for standard or CWDM wavelengths
  • Compact and light weight
  • RJ-45/PoE port supports Full/Half-Duplex auto-negotiation and MDI/MDIX auto-crossover
  • User-selectable link fault detection modes facilitate quick fault detection, isolation and reporting
  • LED indicators for RJ-45 and fibre port status
  • Power-over-Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af PoE/PD) with redundant power options:
    • DC Power 7-60VDC (2-Pin Terminal) or
    • US, Universal and Country/Region specific AC power adapter (Barrel Connector)
  • Available as wall-mount modules or table-top modules that can installed in an 18-Module Powered Chassis
  • Commercial (0 to 50ºC), wide (-40º to 60ºC), extended (-40º to 75º C) and industrial* (-40º to 85ºC) temperature ranges
  • Lifetime Warranty and free 24/7 Technical Support

Application Examples

Fibre to the Premises

In the application example shown below, the miConverter 10/100 PoE/D provides outdoor media conversion for an FTTx service without an outdoor power source.

A Service Provider deploys the miConverter 10/100 PoE/D in a NEMA enclosure on the outside wall of a customer premises for fibre to copper conversion that provides connectivity to the indoor demarcation router.

The miConverter 10/100 PoE/D is powered by a midspan located inside the customer premises. This enables fast and simple installation of the media converter, and does not require electricians or permits.

miConverter 10/100 PoE/D Application Example 1

Fibre Distance Extension with PoE

PoE switches are used to provide data and power via copper UTP cabling to Powered Devices (PDs) such as VoIP phones, Wi-Fi Access Points and IP cameras. When the distance to the PD exceeds the 100 meter distance limitation of UTP cable, fibre can be deployed to extend the distance to PDs in remote locations.

The application example below shows how miConverter 10/100 PoE/D converters are deployed to enable plug-and-play fibre connectivity from PoE switches.

The miConverter 10/100 PoE/D is powered by a UTP patch cable and converts the copper to fibre to connect to a remote PoE IP camera. At the remote end of the fibre run, an OmniConverter PoE power-sourcing media converter converts the fibre back to copper and injects PoE (up to 60W) to power the IP camera. The OmniConverter is powered by AC power and injects up to 60W PoE.

miConverter 10/100 PoE/D Application Example 2

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