OmniLight 8-Channel LGX Dual Fibre DWDM MUX/DEMUX modules

OmniLight 8-Channel LGX Dual Fiber DWDM MUX/DEMUX modulesOmniLight 8-Channel LGX® Dual Fibre DWDM MUX/DEMUX modules support DWDM channels 28 through 35, 36 through 43 and 52 through 59 in 100GHz spacing. An expansion port is available to cascade multiple DWDM MUX/DEMUX modules, doubling the capacity of the common fibre link to 16 channels or tripling the capacity to 24 channels. Tap ports are available to port to monitor optical levels of the incoming and outgoing common channels. An optional Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) port is available which provides the ability to test the integrity of the fibre optic link without disturbing the wavelength channels.

OmniLight 8-Channel LGX Dual Fiber DWDM MUX/DEMUX modules Application Example 1

Functional diagram DWDM MUX with Tap, Expansion and optional OTDR Ports

OmniLight 5 Channel Single-Fiber CWDM Multiplexer/Demultiplexer Application Example 3

Functional diagram DWDM DEMUX with Tap, Expansion and optional OTDR Ports


OmniLight family of LGX form factor CWDM and DWDM passive optical modules and chassis support the highest port density available in the LGX form factor.

OmniLight optical modules are passive devices that require no external power. They can be installed in any OmniLight chassis.

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