Omnitron iConverter Switch Modules

The extensive iConverter product family also includes these Ethernet switch and converter modules:

  • 4-port 10/100 and 10/100/1000 Switch Modules
  • UTP to Coax Media Converters
  • Fast Ethernet Media Converters with redundant copper or fibre links

Full Omnitron iConverter Switch Module product pages

iConverter 4Tx

iConverter 4TxThe iConverter 4Tx is a compact 4-Port Ethernet switch module and is a member of the managed iConverter product family. The 4Tx is a versatile plug-in switch module that can be deployed in a 19-Module, 5-Module, 2-Module and in a 1-Module Chassis. The 4Tx supports Half or Full-duplex 10/100Mbps autonegotiation, and features flexible hardware and software controls. Two ports can be controlled by DIP-switches and all the four ports can be controlled via SNMP management.


iConverter 4Tx VT

iConverter 4Tx VTThe iConverter 4Tx VT is a compact 4-Port Ethernet switch module and is a member of the managed iConverter product family. The 4Tx VT is a versatile plug-in switch module that can be deployed in a 19-Module, 5-Module, 2-Module and in a 1-Module Chassis. The iConverter 4Tx VT complies to IEEE 802.1Q and 802.1p standards. It supports the 802.1Q VLAN packet tagging and untagging for segregating data in Enterprise networks, and enabling secure separation of Service Provider network management and customer data to improve security and intrusion protection.


iConverter 4GT

iConverter 4GTThe iConverter 4GT is a four-port 10/100/1000 Ethernet switch, available as a compact unmanaged standalone unit or a managed chassis plug-in module. The plug-in modules offers networking features including rate-limiting, traffic classification and prioritization, and VLAN capability.


iConverter Tx/2Fx and Tx/2Tx

iConverter Tx/2Fx and Tx/2TxThe iConverter Redundant Fast Ethernet modules are designed for use in networks that require fibre or copper link redundancy. With a link fault detection time of 100 microseconds, the Redundant iConverter modules provide the rapid response time required for mission-critical applications.


iConverter 2GXT

iConverter 2GXTiConverter 2GXT Ethernet fibre media converters are members of the modular iConverter Multi-Service Platform. The 2GXT is a dual-channel media converter and four-port switch with two 10/100/1000BASE-T RJ-45 ports and two Small Form Pluggable (SFP) ports. The dual SFP fibre ports can be configured to provide 1:1 uplink protection with less than 50ms switchover when the 2GXT is deployed as a four-port switch.


FlexSwitch 2X4GT

Omnitron FlexSwitch 2X4GTThe FlexSwitch™ 2X4GT is a six-port Ethernet switch with four 10/100/1000 RJ-45 ports, one 10G (10GBASE-R) SFP+ or XFP fibre port, and one RJ-45 port that auto-negotiates to Gigabit or 10G (1000BASE-T/10GBASE-T). FlexSwitch 2X4GT models that support 10G SFP+ transceivers also support Gigabit transceivers for a seamless upgrade path from Gigabit to 10G. This compact unmanaged standalone unit offers rate-switching, and MAC learning for bridging Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet networks.


iConverter 10T/2

iConverter 10T2The iConverter 10T/2 is a 10BASE-T to 10BASE-2 media converter that converts between twisted pair (UTP) and coax LANs and joins their collision domains. The iConverter 10T/2 facilitates the connection of a coax segment to a 10BASE-T hub. When using a pair of iConverter 10T/2 converters back to back, they can connect between two 10BASE-T hubs via coax.


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