FastLane 70v eGate Access Virtual Appliance

The IpTL 70V eGate Assured Virtual Appliance™ is a virtualized secure network connectivity solution for hosted and cloud deployments providing transparent, secure, and controlled access to applications and data.   Built on IpTL’s product-based converged infrastructure technologies, such as the Model 71, Model 75, and Model 79R, the eGate Solution provides the same network connectivity, application transparency, and tunnel security without the individual hardware overhead, maintenance, and costs of a separate hardware installation.

While leveraging the performance and scale of virtualized datacentres, eGate gives control to applications, data, mobile/BYOD users, and independent user access. The IpTL eGate brings together all the network connectivity and secure access IT needs to run an agile datacentre and deliver the promise of a private or hybrid cloud.

As a key infrastructure component, eGate offers an efficient, agile, and extensible remote access solution.

Benefits Include

  • Provides assured secure connectivity over “shared” facilities for one or many connections.
  • Seamless private cloud<-> public cloud integration.
  • Application redundancy and access.
  • Network virtualization – separating the resources from the users.
  • Deterministic Access control by creating a walled-garden or private cloud.
  • Protection from 3-party attacks.
  • Hides VM Detection – protects unknown vulnerabilities.
  • Secure Web SSL as HTTPS is not secure
  • Portable, flexible hardware – fits within the cloud/hosted services paradigm.
  • Free Infrastructure:
  • Doesn’t use any rack space.
  • No extra power.
  • No extra costs for connectivity or network ports – leverage exiting bandwidth.
  • Ease of deployment – start up one, two, or many sessions as needed.
  • Performance scales on hypervisor hardware.
  • Energy Efficiency & Computing Density – a green solution from the start.
  • Field Service & Support allows full connectivity to those outside the network.

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