Olixir 10TB RHD

The RHD is a revolutionary new semi-rugged removable disk cartridge that features the highest cartridge capacity in the industry, patented shock protection, and fast data transfer performance. Store up to 4TB, 6TB, 8TB or a whopping 10TB of data on a single RHD-3 removable disk cartridge, compared to just 3 TB max with the RDX and other removable cartridges! This large capacity drastically simplifies the management of, and reduces messy piles of, media cartridges in highly data intensive removable storage applications such as: backup/offsite archival, high definition video, photo, and surveillance. While other high capacity removable drives are fragile and at high risk of data loss with small knocks, jars and bumps, the RHD protects data via a patented 3-phase shock protection technology that has been utilized globally for over a decade (with great success) in our line of military external/removable drives.


Benefits Include

  • Highest capacity transportable removable disk cartridge in the industry; 2-3X higher than RDX!
  • Semi-Rugged RHD-3 removable disk cartridge leverages the same patented shock protection (1200Gs, 2.0ms) and mechanical product design used in our highly successful military/government drives
  • Typical sustained data transfer rates (docking bay): 80-160 MB/s (Burst transfer rates are much higher).
  • Easy insertion and removability of RHD cartridges in docking bay or docking station. Robust mating withstands 1000s of insertions/removals.
  • System integrators: Internal 5.25” SATA Docking Bay enables easy integration into towers and19” racks!


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